Getting back into it

Back to it.

Well, here I am again fellow bloggers, after several months break so I could concentrate on the book, and, ta da! I have finished the 2nd draft of my first full-length manuscript and have put it out to be read by, well, anyone I can convince to give up the time, basically.

Soon it will be ‘find an agent’ time. Yes, I’ve delved into the W&A yearbook and sifted through many agents, (looking for the ones that might want to read yet another crime thriller) and have come up with Selection 1; 5 agents from different sized agencies. They sound nice.  I like the look of their websites. Most importantly, they’re still taking on new writers. (Selection 2 will be recruited if the first attempt yields nothing. I may also have a Selection 3 and 4).

Why, you might be thinking, as you’ve stayed with me thus far, did you choose to write in one of the most popular and over-stocked genres in the world, you fool?

Which would be a good question if only I knew the answer. Truth is the story came to me. It came really fast, too. I wrote the first draft in a couple of frantic months in the spring. I love crime thrillers, so I suppose I felt most comfortable writing in that genre. And I didn’t want to do ‘serial raving nutcase killer’ (generic storyline 23). I wanted there to be doubt and confusion, and ultimately, sadness surrounding the deaths and the killer. You don’t tend to find many raving serial killers in Exeter anyway…

So out came newly-minted Inspector Dan Hellier. Only 32, still growing and changing, and making some serious mistakes in his quest to be a better policeman. I like him. He is rash, and possibly lacks empathy, but he has a strong moral core, and he will learn, and love again, and fail again and win sometimes. I hope readers will like him, too.