Please step away from the Keyboard



Yes, I do mean you. And me, of course. I’m writing about giving yourself down time, thinking time, chilling time. Time when you don’t have to meet a deadline, real or self-imposed. Time when you can just be. Time when you can step away. Time to stop busy busy.

Because if we don’t stop for a moment, and take stock- how can we see what is important?

Going for a walk is a good way to start the ‘being’ process. Or a run, or a ride. Method is not important. Taking the strain off the brain- more easily achieved when the body is otherwise occupied- is what allows the creativity to return when the juices have all dried up, and in my case, withered and fallen off.

I’ve blogged before about left-side / right side brain activity, and how the logical, task-driven left side will not stop working until the tasks are done. But the tasks are never done, are they, dammit? And keeping a lid on the creative side of the brain dulls us, dulls our lives, dulls our perceptions, dulls our ability to be inspired or inspiring.

So take a little time off just for you. No excuses. You don’t need to seek permission from yourself to recharge. Go look at a snowdrop and see perseverance against huge odds, watch starlings fly in magical murmurations in an evening sky, stare at the universe of stars and wonder.

Then, an hour, or a day later, come back and see if the words flow more freely.

When I’m refreshed, the ideas wander in like stray cats when a door is left open, uninvited but welcome. They challenge me to re-write, to re-structure, to be brave, to try something new. I need the time away from ‘real’ life to free me to do what I love to do – writing.


5 thoughts on “Please step away from the Keyboard

  1. If I’m perfectly honest, I need to tackle life the other way round recently. With Mr A retired it’s all too easy to treat each day like a non-working day. I have to take time out of my relaxation and get back to writing seriously!

  2. Hi Bernie – I totally agree with you, and luckily it’s a lovely day for a walk here. I always find that I will work away all evening, then give up and go to bed, only to find the ‘answer’ pop into my head as I brush my teeth – which is why I keep a pad by the bed so I can scribble notes to myself – you need to kick start the brain, or rather, distract that pesky Left side so the Right side can get a word in!

    • Yes- kick starting the brain is a good way of describing it. I think there’s a lot more going on inside the brain than we are ever aware of. We need to shut up the inner critic in order to allow the creative side to give us the answer!

  3. Now, here is someone with a sense of balance! That the dog dances me out of the door and into the places where nature breathes is my refreshment. Time to think without being pressured to do so! I’m with you all the way on this one.

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